*Note: You have to be at school and connected to our network to add these copiers successfully.

**Note: If your computer is connected wirelessly, (instead of being plugged in with a network cable), you have to be connected to MCS_Secure or your computer cannot communicate with the copiers.

1.  Check which version of Mac OS you have by clicking on the apple and choosing About This Mac

Make note of your Version number

2.  If you have 10.5 or 10.6, download the first driver below.  If you have 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 or 10.11 download the second driver below.  

3.  Open the file you downloaded and a window will open with a .pkg file.  Double-click that file and it will install the driver.  You can accept all of the default options and just click next.  It will ask you for the same password you use to log into your computer.  When that is done you can close out all open windows

4. Go to System Preferences and click Print & Fax (or Printers & Scanners in 10.9).  Remember to unlock, if your OS has this option (see middle image below). Click the - to delete any existing copiers as they have been removed from the district. Click the + in the bottom lefthand corner to add a printer.  


5. Select IP at the top and type in the IP number of the printer you want to add from the list below, i.e., 133 Workroom copier at the High School, type for the IP.  Make sure the Protocol is set to Line Printer Daemon - LPD.

Type in a name for the copier that you want.  If you travel between buildings, we recommend you type the building first to avoid confusion, ex. HS Lounge 1.

Where it says print using, select Auto Select.  It will pick up the driver you installed earlier.  If the copier has a finisher installed, (usually main office and main workroom copier) select SR4060 on the next screen.  It may give you an error that it cannot talk to the printer, proceed through that message by selecting connect anyway.  You will now see the copier listed as an option when you begin printing.  

If the copier has a finisher (see below) select the following:

6002 and 7502 Copiers Select the SR4060

Without Finisher                                                           With Finisher 




Main Office Copy Room:

-(SR3140 Finisher)

Treasurer’s Office:


Workroom Copier:



Buildings & Grounds:


Main Office:

Lounge 1 (by Main Office):

Lounge 2 (by English wing):


133 Workroom:

212 Workroom:

229 Workroom:



Main Office 1:

Main Office 2:

Room 1109 Lounge 1:

Room 1109 Lounge 2:

Room 2212 6th Workroom:

Room off Cafeteria:

Main Office back guidance (mp301spf):

Media Center:


Main Office (6002):

Workroom 1:

Workroom 2 (Library):


Main Office 1:

Main Office 2:

Room 151:


Main Office Secretary:

Main Office Work Area:

Purple Pod:

Red Pod:

Orange Pod: